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Reverend Colin Green

Good afternoon.

We are here today to remember Adrian John Elm, born September 16, 1930, and gone home to be with his Lord, September 10, 2010. Adrian will be mourned by his lovely wife of 59 years, Faye, Collin, his wife Kathy, Debbie, Donna, her husband Ken, Patti, her husband Brian, and John and his wife Paula. He will also be fondly remembered by his 14 Grandchildren, two great grandchildren, sister Claudia, and his brother Eugene and his wife Lynn. Adrian was predeceased by his parents Clarence and Marion, and his sister Catherine.

On behalf of Faye, Collin, Debra, Donna, Patti and John, their spouses, their children and extended families, I wish to thank you each for being here today. Though Adrian’s life was full and long, his passing last week has left his family grieving. And understandably so as Adrian was a huge part of their lives. Your being here today helps to provide the support that they need to have surrounding them. I assure you that whatever effort or sacrifice you have made to be here stands as a great testimony of honor and respect for Adrian, and is a true act of caring for those who loved him most, and I know that it is greatly appreciated, and it comes as a welcomed source of encouragement for the family.

Today we want to take some time to reflect and to remember Adrian. To salute his life, to celebrate his numerous contributions to the family and to the community and to the church. And we are here to say goodbye. We want to consider the stark realities of life and death, and somehow navigate our way through, so we emerge with a greater understanding of how we should live, and how we should die. And Adrian has shown us how.

This service is an important time for all of us. It gives Adrian the honor he deserves, as one created in God’s image, and used his life as one who worships God, and to serve others. It gives the family permission to grieve their loss while feeling our sympathy and support, and it gives each of us the privilege to care, and to express sorrow and to consider the things that are most important in this life.

As we begin, I would ask you to join me in prayer:

Our Heavenly Father, we are awkward in moments like these. Each of us knows that these days arrive sooner or later for those we love, or for even ourselves. And when we find ourselves here we don’t know what to say or how to act because it is so contrary to all that you designed for us to experience, as we are designed by you to experience a life that is full, a life that lives forever in your presence, a life that doesn’t know sin or pain or death. And yet Lord here we are continuing to grapple with the realities that our fall has left us with, that life forces us through, and in times like this we know it is right for us to turn our heads and our hearts upward and cry out to you and ask for relief, ask for direction, ask for instruction, ask for salvation. And so Father I offer each one of us to you. If you would speak today we are listening. We thank you for Adrian. We thank you for his life, his love. We thank you for the man that he was. We thank you that he has left behind him many family members and friends who love him dearly. That is a precious thing and we don’t take it lightly today. So we pray Lord that you would be with us in this hour. Help us through it. Teach us because of it. Inspire us as a result of it. It is in Jesus name that we pray. Amen.

I’d like to ask Collin Elm, the eldest son of Adrian to come and offer a eulogy.